Deluxe Corporation: Reducing Incorrect Orders


Deluxe Corporation is one of the largest check printers in North America. Deluxe serves a variety of clients with design services, website services, print marketing, promotional products, and fraud protection services.

Deluxe was getting complaints from many of its customers about receiving checks with incorrect information. Although the printer attempted to prevent these errors, the amount of complaints did not decrease. The cost of these claims was significant, but Deluxe was more concerned with the possibility of losing important customers. Several large customers had threatened to take their business elsewhere if the problem was not resolved. To remedy this problem, Deluxe partnered with QualPro to reduce the number of incorrect orders and, ultimately, improve customer satisfaction.


QualPro’s consultants assembled a team comprised of Deluxe’s managers and hourly employees. Together, the team brainstormed over 100 potential improvement ideas designed to reduce the number of incorrect orders. Our consultants helped the team narrow the list to 18 ideas deemed practical, fast, and cost-free. Some of these ideas included scripting to clarify order requirements, creating product code reference guides, and verifying check order information with customers.

Our consultants designed an experiment for Deluxe personnel to perform. They created multiple combinations of the test ideas for 97 financial centers to perform. A screening experiment revealed that four of the ideas had a significant impact and were worthy of further exploration. Some significant ideas included creating product conversion charts and having customers verify orders. After analyzing the results, QualPro’s consultants created recommendations for Deluxe to implement.

In accordance with our commitment to driving continuous improvement, our consultants worked closely with Deluxe personnel to guide the implementation of new scripts and newsletters.


Based on QualPro’s recommendations, Deluxe reduced the number of incorrect orders by 40 percent and appeased its unhappy customers. QualPro’s analysis provided insights for marketing strategy improvement based on unique customer needs.