Our Mission

At QualPro, results are everything. Since 1982, we have helped organizations achieve breakthrough improvement using our unique MVT® Process. Our MVT Process innovatively employs multi-variable testing to allow clients to evaluate numerous improvement ideas in a quick, cost-free manner, under the guidance of our experienced consultants. Our approach to experimentation differentiates us from our competitors.

QualPro’s consultants work with our clients during every step of the MVT Process and provide the tools and expertise necessary for success. During testing, our consultants direct process changes and motivate members involved in the project to meet and exceed performance goals. QualPro consultants guide our clients from start to finish.

Our Process

Our founder, Dr. Charles Holland, began developing the MVT Process to solve major challenges in nuclear weapons production. Since then, our consultants have used the MVT Process to help companies from all industries, including manufacturing, service, higher education, and state and federal government.

We conduct MVT Projects to help our clients identify practical, fast, and cost-free ways to achieve immediate improvement in various areas and key processes within their company. To do this, QualPro consultants analyze historical data and help our clients brainstorm a list of potential improvement ideas that are practical, fast, and cost free. Our consultants then design experiments to test the potential ideas.

After all the tests are completed, QualPro consultants analyze the results and share their recommendations with the client. Implementing the most helpful actions improves the client’s key processes without increasing their capital expenditures.

Our Uniqueness

QualPro consistently delivers improvement results of the highest quality in a fraction of the time typically required. QualPro delivers breakthrough improvement in months—not years.

QualPro’s MVT Process enables clients to use designed experiments to test numerous—usually twenty or more—improvement ideas simultaneously in a fast, cost-free manner. We provide the process, technical expertise, and real-world experience needed to execute experiments that quickly test ideas on a large scale.

Our Results

QualPro has worked with thousands of organizations, conducted over 17,000 improvement projects, and tested more than 250,000 business improvement ideas. Our results speak for themselves—the MVT Process provides breakthrough results.