ClientPresentation TitleAccomplishments
76 Products$3 Million a Year Difference$3 million increase in crude oil throughput without taking the time and great expense to add pump stations.
American ExpressOutbound TelemarketingConversion increased 300% while several costly activities in the current process were eliminated. Profit impact was $11.7 million per year.
American ExpressTransforming "Likely Attritors" into Loyal CardmembersCall center experiment leads to an 18% decrease in customer attrition worth over $1 million in fee revenue annually.
American MediaImprove Retail SalesChanges in magazine placement in aisles, a large cover size, and a different display increased sales over 10% or $21 million in revenues.
American MediaSubscription RenewalsDirect mail MVT achieved a 50% increase in renewals and a large drop in mailing costs. Keeping clients was much cheaper than winning new ones.
American Osteopathic AssociationUsing the MVT Process to Grow Membership in an Individual Professional Assoc.The MVT projects produced a 33% increase in renewals and identified actions that enhanced recruitment efforts and reduced recruitment costs.
AT&TInstallation/Repair Timeliness Dramatically Improved and Sustained for Five YearsA backlog of 100,000 in consumer repair and installation orders was reduced to historically low levels in an astoundingly short period of time. Five years later, an ongoing focus on implementing the MVT findings across 30,000 employees has driven the backlog even further down and sustained it at less than 15% or the original level.
AutoNationA "Standard" System for Newspaper Ad Design Increases Sales and Reduces CostsImplementing the right newspaper ads has substantially increased sales while lowering the average ad cost.
AutoNationFeatured SpeechMVT efforts range from increasing effectiveness of newspaper advertising (an annual investment of over $100 million) to improving the effectiveness of their internet advertising to determining the best mix of broadcast, print, and internet advertising expenditures.
AutoUSACustomer Growth Increased 8% While Increasing Profit $3.4 Million Per YearThey enhanced the effectiveness of their selling activities and reversed a recent slide in customer count. The result was an 8% improvement in customer growth rate and a positive profit impact of $3.4 million per year.
BASFBy-Products Reduced 20% While Increasing Yield 1.5%Moving a process operation from "near" optimum to "at" optimum results in savings of $150,000 per year (reducing by-product by 20% and increasing yield by 1.5%).
BASFChemical Process Yields Increased10% decrease in the amount of heavies formed, 20% increase in the conversion of heavies to product, savings in raw material alone close to $500,000.
BASFFeatured SpeakerMVT efforts have yielded tens of millions of dollars in accumulated benefits.
BASFOptimizing Chemical Process Saves $2.5 Million per YearReaction yield was optimized, resulting in a savings of $2.5 million per year along with longer run-times between tower washes for an additional cost savings.
BASFReduced Wastewater Treatment CostsThe DNT wastewater treatment was reduced and the chemical cost per pound of product was lowered as well. Improved operations' understanding of the plant and lowered costs by stopping the over-controlling of certain operating parameters.
BASF - FreeportCost Savings and Capital Avoidance in Chemical ProcessIncreased production and improved yields result in manufacturing savings of over $600,000 while avoiding potential $750,000 capital expense.
BASF - Huntington, WVAlkali Blue Color Reduced RejectsReject rate reduced from 15% to 7% with screening findings and further reduced to 4% with refining experiments.
BASF Plant ScienceSubtle Changes Provide Dramatic Improvements in High-Tech Biotech ResearchBy using the MVT Process, BASF increased total usable roots by over 100%, and the average usable roots rose to more than 110% above their minimum specification. This example is a fascinating application of the MVT Process to improve a high-tech biological process, and demonstrates how subtle process changes can result in dramatic improvements in performance.
BellSouthBBICompany reduced every time measurement by 60% and reduced post office rejects by 50%. Bills went out quicker, customers paid quicker, resulting in savings of $1 million per year.
BellSouthPhone Center Sales Yields $47 MillionRevenue per hour was increased 33%, contributing $47 million per year to the company's bottom line. Testing was done at the best performing center in the company to demonstrate the potential of MVT to gain improvement for even the best performers.
BellSouthReducing Circuit OutagesRepair time for circuit type A was reduced 20%, circuit type B was reduced 60%, and circuit type C was reduced 50%, thus protecting a $4 billion business.
BellSouthReducing Repeat ReportsRepeat trouble reports were reduced by 42%, while unexpectedly reducing the time per task by 10%. The total savings amounted to $1.3 million per year.
BellSouthThe Labyrinth of Customer ServiceService reps had over 800 suggestions. MVT identified those which helped reduce repeat calls by 50%.
Big LotsFeatured SpeechHow MVT helped in the development of marketing strategy. Giving the company a 14:1 gross margin return on investment.
BJC HealthCareUsing the MVT Process to Decrease Severe Hypoglycemia Events by 37% across Four HospitalsBJC realized a 37% reduction in severe hypoglycemic events in 16 units across four hospitals.
Blount Memorial HospitalAchieving Emergency Department Efficiency Using MVTIn just four months, identified ways to decrease door-to-doctor time by 39.3% and total turnaround time by 17.2%.
Blount Memorial HospitalChallenges and Successes using MVT to Improve Case Volume and Physician Office Satisfaction with Block SchedulingA major block schedule renovation was undertaken to improve case volume and physician office satisfaction. Predicted improvement: case minutes by 20%, case volume by 21%, revenue by 40%.
Blount Memorial HospitalImproving Operating Room Efficiency Using MVTFive actions were identified to reduce non-productive time by over 26.2% and turnover time by over 42.7%, creating capacity for $4.85 million in additional cases per year.
BoiseFinding the Best Sales Force Incentive Program Increases Sales 20%Understanding key drivers maximizes incentive program return with sales rep performance increasing by 20%.
Boise CascadeFeatured SpeakerIncreased production, decreased costs, and improved product quality valued at tens of millions of dollars.
Boise CascadeWood ChipsWith almost no additional cost, one small change improved chip quality 80%, which saved over $180,000 per year.
Boise Cascade, International FallsNeighborhood Watch - Do You Know Where Your CE Is?Increased pulp production results in an annualized savings of $1.6 million.
Boise Cascade, International FallsPaper Mill Fiber Losses Down 60%Fiber losses down 60%, valued at $997,920 per year.
Boise Cascade, JacksonJ-3 Surface SizeAfter four years of continuous process improvement success at this site, still achieved $1.3 million per year in savings.
Boise Cascade, JacksonOptimizing for World Class PerformanceCost-benefit analysis on the J3 Paper Machine for a cost avoidance of $2 million.
Boise Cascade, JacksonPulp Mill OptimizationReduced chemical usage in the bleaching process by 15%.
Boise Cascade, JacksonRecycle ImprovementProduction increased 110% while decreasing costs and improving quality. Achieved savings by avoiding equipment modifications and reduced raw material and energy costs. Bottom line showed a $4 million per year benefit.
Boise Cascade, JacksonRecycle PlantBy focusing on factors influencing yield and furnish cost, the off-quality rate was reduced and saved the plant over $1.8 million.
Boise Cascade, JacksonReduction in Cost of Recycled FiberReduced the cost-per-ton of recycled fiber for over $5 million in total savings.
Boise Office SolutionsCall Center Sales Increase by 50%Call centers increase paper sales to mid-size customers by 50%.
Boise PaperChange Times Reduced 19% and Energy Costs LoweredReduced change times by 19% and substantially lowered energy costs, worth more than a quarter of a million dollars.
Boise PaperPaper Mill Generates Economic and Quality BenefitsSt. Helens has generated economic benefits for the company and quality benefits for the customer.
Boise, WallulaAll Tied UpOver 1,500 tons per year of waste was eliminated by solving a 20-year old problem.
BPFeatured SpeechScott will describe the benefits he has seen from establishing an environment for rapid experimentation with many ideas. Using a near-nonstop regime of MVT testing to improve the competitiveness of the operation to the point that it was outperforming Chinese products on quality and price in China.
Bridgestone/ Firestone Retail and Commercial Operations (BFRC)Challenging a Well-Accepted Advertising Model in a Radically Changing WorldMVT demonstrated a potential to reduce FSI dependence and reallocate to other media with a potential to increase sales and margin dollars by many millions. Counter-intuitive findings in the MVT results were discovered. These findings had a 3% positive effect on a $3-1/2 billion operation.
Bridgestone/ Firestone Retail and Commercial Operations (BFRC)Featured SpeechBy testing store and advertising strategies and tactics, identified actions that can provide tens of millions of dollars in financial benefits and better satisfied customers.
Bridgestone/ Firestone Retail and Commercial Operations (BFRC)Increasing Retail Sales and Profits by Tens of Millions of DollarsUsed MVT to test ideas that include direct mail, associate activities, in-store sales and service processes, labor allocation, pricing, displays, signage, store layout, verbal and written customer communications, and product assortment. They have identified a specific set of actions that increases sales and profits by tens of millions of dollars.
Capstone TurbineFeatured SpeakerMVT helping to continuously improve reliability and efficiency in power generation equipment. MVT being used in product development and improved customer satisfaction.
Capstone TurbineIntroducing MVT Into a Start Up CultureProduction and reliability issues were resolved resulting in increased production and improved customer satisfaction.
Capstone TurbineManufacturing Streamlined While Failure Rate Reduced to ZeroFailure rate of a shaft was reduced to zero, while eliminating an entire production operation.
Capstone TurbineRecord Levels of Yield and Output RatesA dozen MVT experiments drove total plant yield and output rates to unprecedented levels.
Capstone TurbineSetting the Environment in a High Tech WorldProduct introduction time is being reduced from ten years to two months while revenues are increased 7X.
Carson-Newman CollegeThe MVT Process Defines New Product OfferingCarson-Newman College used the MVT Process to determine which of four proposed locations, eight program attributes, and 14 different degree program offerings would generate the highest interest level.
Cendant CorporationCall Center Nets Highest Net Present ValueTravel service enhanced with continuously improved service and brought more value to members.
Champion InternationalMachine K NumberTesting determined high variability in the K-Number procedure itself. A new K-Number procedure was developed. Variability was reduced from 194% to 15% total, which permitted the plant to improve capability.
Champion InternationalOxygen DelignificationTesting indicated that much of the problem was due to variability of the measurement system itself. Once that was corrected, several significant process factor changes yielded an improvement of $870,000 for each percent improved.
CingularRetail Outlets Increase Cellular SalesActions were identified which are expected to substantially increase retail sales.
Circuit CityFeatured SpeakerIdentified individual actions that have led to greater sales force productivity and increased store sales.
CitibankInbound Call Center Sales Increased 20%20% increase in sales has the potential to deliver millions of dollars to the bottom line. An unexpected bonus was that employee satisfaction also improved.
CitigroupDirect Mail Channel Optimization Efforts Increase Response Rate by 110%Realized an astonishing 110% increase in response rates in comparison to the control group, along with an approximately 8% increase in balances and significantly increased revenue.
Deluxe BECUImplementation of an Outbound Call Center MVT to Sell More Bank ProductsAfter an entire year of implementation this call center operation has continued to more than double the percent of calls connected, percent of calls completed, and sales leads generated for its customer.
Deluxe BECULead Generation Tripled in Outbound Call CenterPortion of customers reached doubled from 30% to more than 60% - even more impressive, the rate of lead generation tripled!
Deluxe CorporationBusiness NAKA new business kit increased dollars per order by 28% with a predicted value of $8 million.
Deluxe CorporationClient Partnership Yields 25% Accuracy IncreaseImproving bank customer check printing accuracy saves Deluxe $106,928 per year and one of their banking clients $241,856.
Deluxe CorporationCustomers Retained and Costs Reduced Through Service ProcessesRetention rates of "at risk" customers raised from 90% to 96% increasing retention revenue by $2.1 million to date. Customer use of voice response unit increased 15%, saving $500,000. Manual intervention in automated order entry system cut 75%, saving $750,000 per year.
Deluxe CorporationFI Employee CreditsTesting indicated that zero credits was possible. Credits being issued immediately after the test were down 40% from previous levels and dropping steadily with an ultimate potential savings of $1.5 million per year.
Deluxe CorporationImproved Call Center Sales Worth a MillionEstablishing a selling environment with the right mix of elements impacts the bottom line.
Deluxe CorporationMore Clients Sign Contracts Without Account Manager InvolvedImproved contract-signing rate while minimizing labor costs (number of contracts needing account manager intervention improved by 15%).
Deluxe CorporationPlant ThroughputCost per production unit was reduced $0.23 per unit with an estimated worth of $19 million.
Deluxe CorporationReduce Rework, Improve Customer SatisfactionClient data setup errors reduced 33% for an annualized savings of $512,000 in internal costs and improved customer satisfaction.
Deluxe CorporationReducing WasteReduced waste by 90%, saving $9.8 million per year.
Deluxe CorporationRevenue per Order Increased 22% in Just Six WeeksIncreased revenue per order by 22% and annualized revenue gain of $457,000.
Deluxe CorporationSelling/Marketing Mix Improved During Testing of New Product ViabilityIdentified actions to increase sign-up for a new product while revealing tactics that would be a non-productive investment.
Deluxe CorporationSoftware Errors Reduced in HalfReduced by half the number of defects introduced in a newly developed software release.
Deluxe CorporationTen Years of Performance ImprovementMVT accomplishments have covered the entire business including improvements in order taking, order entry, automated systems, software design and delivery, check errors, customer care, field sales, call centers, new product design/pricing, advertising materials, and marketing strategies.
Deluxe Financial ServicesContinuing Expansion of Checks in the Age of Electronic BankingCheck reorder revenue raised 20%, all in a declining industry.
Deluxe Financial ServicesDesigning and Pre-market Testing a New Consumer CardDuring launch of a new stored value card product, combined testing of potential product variations with the use of a consumer survey, this powerful combination resulted in strong early market performance and led to a considerable expansion in the following year.
Deluxe NEBSGenerating Incremental Call Center SalesUsing MVT call center staff were able to identify simple and effective actions to generate more sales. Creating a potential 12% increase in average order value, eliminating effort and spending on non-valuable activities while establishing a solid process for call center reps to succeed.
Deluxe Small Business ServicesMusical MVT Implementation to Increase Inbound Call Center Sales by 20%Two inbound call centers conducted an MVT to increase sales and are using an innovative implementation approach to raise annual revenue per customer by up to 20.6%.
DirectoCustomer Churn Reduced 20%With a churn rate that resulted in turnover of one-in-ten of its valuable customers, Directo launched an MVT to better retain its customers. After implementation of MVT findings customer churn was reduced by 20%.
Du Pont, Cape FearRun Time ImprovementRun time was improved by 30% with no cost increase or capital expenditure. Capacity was increased by 40 million pounds.
DuPontApply MVT - It Just Makes the Process Run BetterConsistent application of MVT in the process creates more and more savings, well over $1 million per year of recurring improvement.
DuPontFeatured SpeechMVT efforts led to greatly simplified processes, reductions in cycle time, lower costs, improved yields, dramatically higher quality, and increases in capacity.
DuPontIntricate Process Tackled by MVT MethodsAfter more than 30 years of frustrating experience, MVT identified improvements which increased capacity 5%.
DuPontMaintenance as a ProcessPump failures were reduced by a factor of 5, which reduced maintenance cost $450,000 annually.
DuPontSeaford Rug Product ProcessFirst Pass Pounds and First Pass Yield increased 2.8%, which was worth $1.43 million.
DuPont Ag Products, ManatiDecreasing the Amount of Variation in Bulk DensityVariation was reduced by one-half, enabling savings of over $1 million and decreasing cycle time by 10 days for the product.
DuPont Engineering PolymersFeatured SpeakerProblems that have been around 20 to 30 years solved in three to six months.
DuPont, Cape FearAlong the Customer-Supplier ChainA 40% reduction was achieved in customer problems, a 30% reduction in product defects, and $600,000 of increased annual revenue.
DuPont, Chambers WorksSilane$586,000 of direct product improvement, $250,000 waste reduction, and $2 million in downstream savings.
DuPont, ChattanoogaT31 SpinningOver 20% improvement was achieved on the spinning process yield. Wound was increased over 18%.
DuPont, DeLisleA Problem that Wouldn't Stay Solved$5 million per year savings by virtually eliminating a constant problem.
DuPont, FluoroPolymer SolutionsFeatured SpeechUsing MVT to maximize quality production of Tedlar to support the rapidly growing demand for solar energy. They were at about 3,000 defects, after the refnining MVT they had a 99% reduction. Also, avoided a capital investment of five to ten million dollars.
DuPont, LaPorteIncinerator CapacityReduced measurement variation from 75% to less than 1%, tripled capacity, increased feed rate, and reduced cycle time resulting in an immediate savings of over $1 million per year without additional costs.
DuPont, LaPorteIncredible Savings Using DOE with an Unstable ProcessA "Hail Mary" design of experiments improves first grade material yield from 45% to 92%, saving over $1 million per year in product downgrading and unneeded blending.
DuPont, LaPorteLannatePurchases of replacement product were reduced $9.1 million and additional sales with increased production were $1.7 million. Total value $10.8 million.
DuPont, LaPorteShutdown by EPA AvertedAverted a regulatory shutdown and saved the business unit $300,000 per day in product replacement costs and a potential $5 million business loss.
DuPont, LaPorteWaste Water Contaminant ReducedDecreased contaminant 98.8%, avoiding investment for a new waste treatment facility and without increasing other costs. Savings of $450,000 per year and no problem with future EPA compliance.
DuPont, MartinsvilleCreel WasteStringout time was reduced 22% leading to a 2% increase in yield and a 59% reduction in creel waste worth over $770,000.
DuPont, MartinsvilleTransfer Tail RejectsReject rate was reduced 43.3% on one machine and 32.8% on another to collectively increase yield 1.02%.
DuPont, MartinsvilleType 29 YarnA 15.4% increase in interlace with a 59.5% reduction in interface variance was achieved. This was worth $500,000 per year in reduced claims plus $100,000 saving in compressed air cost.
DuPont, MobileCatalyst RecoveryThe process was fine-tuned to a point in which no further purchases were required. An additional $150,000 of catalyst was recovered.
DuPont, MobileImprove Quality in Product ExpansionA significant quality problem was eliminated within two months without increasing cost. Significant money was saved in rework cost and shipping delays.
DuPont, ParkersburgDelrin Polymerizer Run LifeRun life of the polymerizers was increased 93%, saving $8 million per year in labor and increasing production $18 million per year.
DuPont, ParkersburgIncreased the Production of HFP to Avoid a $7 Million Capital ExpenditureFive factors were identified as significant and carried into refining. The capital expenditure was not necessary.
DuPont, ParkersburgReducing Catalyst ConsumptionImplemented a no-cost action which reduced the amount of catalyst consumed by 20%, reduced the variation in consumption by 50%, and saved more than $750,000 per year.
DuPont, ParkersburgTeflon FEPIncreased production rate by 38% which improved earnings $5 million per year at one site alone.
DuPont, VESPELParts and ShapesProduct yield improved from 80% to over 99% earning DuPont's Engineering Excellence Award.
DuPont, Victoria$15 Million Improvement in a 25-Year Old ProcessOver $15 million per year in improved yields and efficiencies in a 25-year old process. MVT upset conventional wisdom about several operating procedures that resulted in an immediate $4 million per year savings.
Dyno NobelWhen You Are Last, You Have to Work at Being the BestFour factors in a decades old process were identified as creating great variance. Correction of these factors greatly reduced process variation.
EFS - Money StoresBreakthrough Improvement in Financial ServicesDuring the MVT the company experienced its highest loan growth in their 28-year history. This was accomplished through the use of store operations, marketing, direct mail, radio, and TV test factors similar to those utilized in much larger businesses.
Election - Bill DunnElection Won with Over 70% of the Vote by Using the MVT ProcessUsing the MVT Process to quickly test a variety of messages and tactics, Representative Dunn was able to identify key actions that were proven to sway the voters in his district. Representative Dunn won over 70% of the vote on election day.
Election - John RaganState Representative Candidate Takes on Four-Term Incumbent and WinsBy trusting the MVT Process, John increased his support by 22 percentage points and won the race with 54% of the vote!
Elo TouchSystemsIncreased YieldYield was increased from 65% to over 90% in just a few months, improving profits by about $8 million per year.
Equipment ControlsField Sales MarginsAn improvement of $800,000 per year went to the bottom line.
Evans ClayIncreased Throughput10% increase in throughput was worth over $1 million per year additional revenue, with no extra capital expenditure. Was awarded 1996 RIT/USA Today Quality Cup.
Exide TechnologiesHundreds of MVT Successes . . . But Will It Work In Your Business?Used MVT process for over 20 years, in many different companies on three continents - has produced tens of millions of dollars worth of breakthrough results in all settings.
Exide TechnologiesTwenty Years of MVT Experience in IndustryExplained how the MVT process has produced tens of millions of dollars worth of breakthrough results in all settings.
Foster Care Coalition, Greater St. LouisIncreased Inquiries into Adoption and the Number of Licensed HomesInquiries increased 138% through weekly newspaper articles and increased communications to service organizations.
GAFProduct Quality Raised While Costs ReducedReducing coating variation and improved color consistency, sheet construction, and granual adhesion, helping the plant realize an annual savings of $90K due to increased raw material loading.
GAFRecycle Yield Increased 37%Increased yield of recycled scrap for roofing materials by 37%, a cost reduction of over $110,000.
GAFReducing Glass Fiber BreaksA roofing shingles MVT produced a 15% reduction in the number of breaks per hour, improved process knowledge, increased troubleshooting tools, and gained experimental aggressiveness.
GAFSpecial Executive Topic: Using MVT to Achieve Manufacturing Objectives Across Many PlantsOver the past 10 years MVT has been used in over 30 production and research facilities. This effort has not only lowered operating costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, it has also positioned GAF as the industry's quality leader.
GTEBilling InquiryReduced late payment accounts 14% to 22%, dropped unpaid balances 4% to 8%, reduced uncollectibles 12%, and reduced billing inquiries 8.8%.
GTEFortell IINew equipment reduced trouble call dispatches by 10% while no-cost methods changes reduced them by another 34%. Total reduction in dispatches was 44%, worth over $100 million.
GTETeaching Customers to Love Us, Not Leave UsProcess changes were discovered to increase the percentage of business customers rating its service as excellent by more than 7%.
HexacombEating the Whole Elephant - Company-wide MVT Improves Manufacturing PerformanceImprovements were achieved in all key measures - waste, setup time, and throughput, making this the best performing division as recognized by the financial community and investors.
HexacombResults Need Not Wait - Using MVT with a Full Spectrum of PI ToolsFor 17 machines in eight plants in two countries - control charts are moving in the right direction and improvement in financial performance continues to pick up speed.
International PaperOptimize Business Performance, Gain Millions in Bottom-line ResultsTargeted projects in paper industry lead to dramatic increases in employee involvement and tens of millions of dollars in improved bottom-line results.
International Specialty ProductsCapacity Increase 13% - $1 Million Additional ProfitIncreasing production by 13% for more than $1 million in improved gross profit.
International Specialty ProductsReducing Variation Doubles Quality ImprovementAn experiment was run on a key ingredient in a hair care product. The experiment reduced variation, lowered cycle time from 38 to 30 hours, and protected $8 million in sales.
International Specialty Products, Calvert CityCycle Time Reductions and Capacity Increases in a Chemical ProcessChemical product cycle time was reduced 25% resulting in a sales increase of more than $1 million.
International Specialty Products, Calvert CityImproving the Ability to Control ViscosityThe improvements in viscosity control were worth $900,000.
International Specialty Products, Calvert CityProduction Up and Costs Down on High-Value Chemical ProcessReduced distillation product losses, raised reaction and distillation capacity, increased unit reliability and other planned cost savings add $1.5 million to bottom line.
International Specialty Products, Calvert CityReduce the Amount of "Out-of-Viscosity" Specification Material ProducedThe measurement system required significant improvement before the MVT. In spec production improved from 80% to 95%, which was worth $4.5 million.
Kieffer PaperImprove Capability and Reduce VariabilityMade significant increases in plant capability and substantial reduction in operating costs.
Knoxville Utilities BoardAvoiding Injuries and DamagesReduced damages and injuries during construction to produce safer working conditions, uninterrupted service, and happier customers.
Knoxville Utilities BoardBilling AccuracyMeter reading exceptions were reduced 26.17% and pre-billing exceptions by 30.3%.
Knoxville Utilities BoardCall Abandon RateThe monthly call abandon rate was reduced 3.93%.
Knoxville Utilities BoardInstallation TimeThe average lead time for installing gas service was reduced by 75%, while missing no due dates.
LaRoche ChemicalsTeamwork Yields Big BenefitsDeveloping a team environment, reaching a common understanding of key measures, and resolution of a process conflict increased yield from 68% to 90% generating a significant bottom line impact.
LifeMasters Supported Self Care, Inc.Featured SpeechIdentified actions to make enhancements in interactions with current and prospective program participants. Improved the effectiveness of its enrollment and engagement efforts with direct mail, telephone communications and face-to-face interactions.
LifeMasters Supported Self Care, Inc.Improving Program Participation at Record SpeedClient's member participation in the disease management program soared by 31% in just four months, improving healthcare outcomes and lowering costs.
LifeMasters Supported Self Care, Inc.Increasing Participation in a Disease Management Program
. . . and Sustaining Results in Year One
An MVT to increase participation in a Disease Management Program to improve healthcare and clinical outcomes and lower health care costs showed a 32% net improvement in participation.
LifeMasters Supported Self Care, Inc.Increasing Participation in the LifeMasters Disease Management ProgramAs a result of MVT engagement rates are expected to increase which will contribute to improving overall program success. MVT has resulted in early success in engaging populations previously deemed difficult to engage.
Lifetouch National School Studios Inc.Featured SpeechUsed MVT to increase service levels, introduce new/alternative products, set pricing, improve marketing and advertising effectiveness, and reduce costs by lifting productivity and efficiency.
Lifetouch National School Studios Inc.Photographer Attraction & RecruitmentDoubled the photographer hiring rate while reducing costs and maintaining personnel quality. $9 million in opportunity costs were saved by preventing managers from having to divert time from other duties. The larger strategic benefit was having professional, well-trained photographers maintaining the highest standards of school photography.
Lifetouch National School Studios Inc.Unprecedented Double Digit Increases in Portrait SalesIdentified actions that could provide unprecedented double digit sales increases. They focused on factors that not only increased sales but also identified efficiencies to be gained.
Lincoln Memorial UniversityBreakthrough in University Fund Raising Increased Cash Gifts by 83%In just four months, LMU executed MVT experiments with mass communications and donor visits that increased cash gift dollars from Alumni & Friends by 83% over the previous year.
Lincoln Memorial UniversityEnrollment of Higher Qualified University Students up 94%Using the MVT Process, LMU has increased overall 2010 freshmen enrollment by 19% above 2009. At the same time, they achieved a 94% increase in the number of incoming freshmen with an ACT score of 24 or above.
Lincoln Memorial UniversityFeatured SpeechLMU had experienced an 83% increase in outright giving, a 19% increase in freshman registration, and a two-point increase in the average ACT score of incoming students.
Lincoln Memorial UniversityImproving Student Retention While Increasing the Quality and Quantity of Incoming FreshmenLMU used the MVT® Process to improve retention of their students. Within two years, the increase in total freshman enrollment necessitated the construction of three new dormitories; LMU’s average incoming ACT score rose by over 2.0; and the number of incoming students with ACT scores of 30 or above improved an astonishing 950%!
Lincoln Memorial UniversityRetention Extravaganza: LMU’s Steps to Success!Factors were identified that enabled the university to recruit more and better students, improve the student experience, and increase overall retention rate. LMU increased its overall fall-to-fall undergraduate retention by 15% and increased its graduation rate by 44%.
Lincoln Memorial UniversityThe MVT Process Way of Life for Fundraising in Higher EducationOver a three-year period, LMU participated in six MVT projects aimed at increasing their charitable-giving revenues. The net result for LMU was a dramatic increase in fundraising during the past three years.
Lincoln Memorial UniversityUniversity Increases Charitable Giving by 52% During Tough Economic ClimateLMU has executed MVT experiments with mass communications and donor visits that have increased monthly outright-giving dollars from Alumni & Friends by 52%.
Lincoln Paper & TissueAn Improvement in Microscopic Defects That is So Large You Can See ItPaper formation on the #4 paper machine was ranked as number 7 out of 7. After MVT the paper formation quality rating became second best for an improvement that customers could see with their naked eye.
Lincoln Paper & TissueChemical Expense Reduced 38%Beyond fiber and energy, the chemicals used to develop tissue strength represent the largest expense in tissue manufacturing.The MVT process was used to meet tissue strength requirements while minimizing cost, and reduced chemical expense by 38%.
Lincoln Paper & TissueEnergy Costs Cut by 10%LPT turned to MVT to lower the energy costs needed to operate its lime kiln, an integral part of the kraft pulping process. They lowered their oil usage by 10%.
Lincoln Paper & TissueFeatured SpeechAfter facing a major shutdown, this business is running at full capacity in the worst economy in the industry’s history. LP&T has tested hundreds of ideas in their dozens of MVT projects and has implemented over 100 practical, fast, and cost-free ideas that truly did improve LP&T’s competitive position.
Lincoln Paper & TissueFeatured SpeechIn just a few months, MVT enabled them to improve their paper quality problem from the worst quality of seven competitors to the second best in the grade segment. This opened a new profitable market. They also reduced costs and chemical consumption and increased the speed at which improvements occur.
Lincoln Paper & TissueFirst MVT Project in Waste Treatment Plant Exceeds Goals by 50%Waste Treatment Plant operators wanted to improve the dryness from the waste solids so it could cross the threshold of actually producing profitable BTUs instead of being a liability. They increased solids 6%, exceeding their needed goal by 50%.
Lincoln Paper & TissueImproving Productivity 20% in Paper WindingImproved winder acceleration over 200% and overall winder productivity by 20%. Not only is the winder no longer the bottleneck, but total overall quality is at its highest level ever, maintenance issues are down, and many sub-optimizations by the different shifts and machines have been eliminated.
Lincoln Paper & TissueImproving Pulp Mill Brown Stock Washing Efficiency with the MVT ProcessLincoln ran a 27-factor MVT experiment to maximize the conflicting goals of thorough washing of the pulp with a minimum amount of fresh water. Lincoln identified seven key helpful factors that together appear to have the potential to achieve annual steam savings of $365,000 per year.
Lincoln Paper & TissueImproving State of the ArtAfter innovative work improved the measurement system they focused on productivity. They used the data from this MVT to analyze the energy efficiency impact. A second MVT found ways to reduce energy costs almost 10%.
Lincoln Paper & TissueIncreasing Tissue Productivity with the MVT ProcessBrought a state-of-the-art tissue manufacturing machine from unsatisfactory performance to truly competitive operations.
Lincoln Paper & TissueMaximizing the Potential of the MVT Process at an Integrated Paper MillLincoln has run dozens of MVT efforts, realizing tremendous value to the organization along with significant changes in the manner by which technical and operational challenges are attacked. Lincoln, by necessity, is a very lean business and the MVT Process was the efficient and effective way to improve faster than the competition.
Lincoln Paper & TissueNew Product Developed in Three DaysA three-day MVT enabled Lincoln to bring a new, fully developed product to market. All machines are now running at full capacity.
Lincoln Paper & TissueRapid Product Redesign in Two DaysNeeded to re-engineer a product in a competitive market environment. A series of two-day MVTs produced the product changes needed at less than half the expected cost increase.
Lincoln Paper & TissueReducing Chemical Costs While Improving Overall Manufacturing PerformanceIn order to be competitive in the marketplace they had to control chemical usage. They identified actions that not only stopped the increase in total chemical costs but turned it around and resulted in a cost decrease, for a total improvement of more than 5%.
Lincoln Paper & TissueReducing Cost 70% for Producing High Strength ProductThis team used the MVT Process to reduce the cost for producing that high strength by 70%. The team learned how to better control strength and how to respond to the inevitable variations in incoming pulp characteristics.
Lincoln Paper & TissueThe First MVT of Its KindAchieved a big improvement in environmental emissions with improved energy efficiency on a Kraft Recovery Boiler.
Lincoln Paper & TissueUsing the MVT Process to Acquire New Customers and Profitably Fill Manufacturing Plant CapacityMore than 50% of Lincoln’s #4 paper machine production and more than 30% of its #8 tissue machine production are directly due to products and processes rapidly developed with the MVT Process. Lincoln is using the MVT Process to increase its customer and product base and secure profitable plant-filling, long-term signed contracts.
Lincoln Paper & TissueUsing the MVT Process to Solve a Crisis Right Now!After completing more than fifty successful, business-critical projects involving over five hundred factors, Lincoln describes QualPro’s MVT® Process as the tool box its people use when confronted with difficult problems and big improvement opportunities.
Madison PaperSpool WasteSpool waste was reduced by 83%, enough paper to print 32 million copies of the New York Times Sunday Magazine. Savings were $3.25 million per year.
Maplehurst BakeriesFeatured SpeakerBoosted sales and profits for large supermarket chains while creating a revenue increase for Maplehurst from the added sales.
Meijer, Inc.Featured SpeechMeijer began using MVT to grow sales and profits. Meijer has completed multiple MVT experiments, tested over sixty improvement ideas, and implemented winning ideas that are contributing tens of millions of dollars of incremental financial benefits.
Meijer, Inc.Seventy-Five Successful Years of Retailing, But Still Learning Through MVTMeijer wanted to increase overall sales and margin in its retail supercenters while developing and emphasizing a fact-based decision making culture. Through MVT testing over the last two years, Meijer has identified and implemented ten new initiatives from 68 viable alternatives and has positively impacted both sales and margin through informed targeted spending.
Merrimac PaperIncreasing Folder SpeedIncreased run speed by 7%, saving $300,000 annually.
MFNA, PactivBreaking a Few Eggs - The Largest Efficiency Improvement in Plant HistoryExperiment with recycled paper used to make egg cartons resulted in the largest single efficiency improvement in plant history.
Mississippi LimeMining Throughput Increased 13%After implementation of the MVT Process, they were able to increase tons per scheduled hour by 13% and tons per man hour by 15%.
Mohawk Paper MillsReduce ScrapMore than two tons per day of production, which had been going to scrap, was improved and resulted in annual savings over $500,000.
Molycorp (Unocal)A Successful Case of the Blind Leading the BlindSeveral thousand pounds of highly valuable product was being held back each year as unsuitable. Identified and corrected measurement system problems and saved over $1 million per year.
Monster.comTeleSales Acquisition MVT Targets 25% Sales GrowthIdentified actions to be implemented across its acquisition sales force, results indicated that the three best practices can target an increase in excess of 25% sales growth.
Morton AdhesivesIncreasing Red Dye ProductionProduction increased 50%, saved $450,000 in planned capital expenditures, and reduced labor and material cost over $150,000.
Morton International Specialty ProductsMeasurement System HavocReduced variation, shortened cycle time, eliminated rework, and increased throughput to the tune of $5 million in additional sales.
Morton International Specialty ProductsProcess ImprovementA 15% capacity improvement was achieved which was worth $2 million per year in additional sales. An increase of 20% to 25% was projected which would add even more to the bottom line.
Newspaper Services of AmericaFeatured SpeechDescribed critical levers in advertising media and shared experience and vision as to how MVT can rapidly achieve breakthroughs in advertising performance.
NSA MediaUsing MVT to Achieve Breakthroughs in Advertising PerformanceDescribed critical levers in advertising media and shared experience and vision as to how MVT can rapidly achieve breakthroughs in advertising performance.
Oil-Dri CorporationBox LeakagePackage sealing was improved to 90%, eliminating the leakage problem. Solving this problem avoided an expensive package redesign, saved $1.2 million in capital, and improved cost savings and production time.
Oil-Dri CorporationProduction Tripled to Satisfy a CustomerIncreased output of clay granuals 200% to 300% while improving product quality.
Olin Chlor AlkaliReducing Chemical Treatment Costs While Improving Quality and ConsistencySaved $66,000 in soda ash usage before experimentation, improved the quality and consistency of the brine while lowering the cost of treating it.
Olin Chlor Alkali
(Non) Explosive Results with Hydrogen, Chlorine, Electricity, and MVTNeeded to increase production of potassium hydroxide to meet customer demand. MVT has identified ways to make a new product that their system was not designed to make all without interrupting current operations and maintaining their history of safe, reliable operations.
Olin Chlor Alkali
Reducing Raw Material Cost and Increasing Run Time Saves Big DollarsSubstantially reduced steam consumption (the second highest raw material cost) and increased run time, which reduced the cost per ton on caustic produced.
Olin Chlor Alkali
Niagara Falls
More Than a Project, MVT is a Way of Doing Business EverydayImproved the chemical process for big payoffs and knowledge gained translating into a world class operation. The MVT program is delivering millions of dollars to the business.
Olin Chlor Alkali
Niagara Falls
When MVT Competes, We Win!Described four critical projects that, in addition to being valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars, are helping their management to institutionalize process improvement and MVT.
Olin Chlor Alkali AugustaKeep it Clean! Olin uses MVT to Improve Bleach QualityDramaticly improved chlorine bleach quality, providing better product consistency while reducing costs and increasing production capacity.
Olin Chlor Alkali ProductsCapacity Increase Improves Annualized Profit by Nearly $800,000Production increased allowing a gain in market share adding $800,000 in annualized profit.
Olin Chlor Alkali ProductsFeatured SpeakerIntroduced and managed a process improvement system in a geographically dispersed organization - with a contrast between his experiences with MVT and six sigma.
Olin Chlor Alkali ProductsMajor Saving in Power UtilizationThe team has achieved approximately $435 thousand in annualized savings in power usage and expects to get another $200 thousand per year by the end of the first half of 2004.
Olin Chlor Alkali, DivisionMore Than a Project, the MVT Process is a Way of LifeOlin Chlor Alkali is institutionalizing the MVT Process across seven plants in the division. After eight years of using the MVT Process, Olin has completed dozens of MVT projects that have yielded tens of millions of dollars in successes. Olin has excelled in refining a process to identify, prioritize, allocate resources, measure, and maintain benefits from their MVT efforts.
Olin Chlor Alkali, McIntosh$1.5 Million Payoff for “Squeeze and Scoot” MVT EffortThey used the MVT Process to reduce shipping costs. By reducing variation in the strength of the caustic they produced, they were able to use fewer rail cars to achieve the same shipping weight, saving over $1.5 million per year in transportation costs.
Pacific BellCaller IDChanges from complete blocking to selective blocking increased 85%. The resulting Caller ID sales improvement was 300%. Company estimated the value of this improvement at several million dollars annually.
Pacific BellChange for the Better and Have Customers AgreeChanging voicemail systems finds best communication elements while saving over $1 million in marketing costs while retaining customers.
Pacific BellHigh Capacity Circuit Revenues SavedA 19% reduction in late installation of high capacity circuits that could lead to an increase in revenue of $11.95 million annually.
Pactiv CorporationFeatured SpeakerThe organization is driving costs down and elevating sales through no-cost actions identified in the MVT process.
Pactiv CorporationSet-up Time and Waste Reductions Worth MillionsIdentified actions to improve set-up time and reduce waste with the potential to deliver millions to the bottom line when applied to all plants.
Pactiv CorporationTens of Millions of Dollars in Increased Technical SalesIndividual helpful actions increased sales by over 13%, while other actions increased sales by almost two new accounts per salesperson per month.
Pactiv, PPNAProtective Packaging Scrap Reduced by up to 60%Increased uptime as much as 15%, increased throughput as much as 12%, and reduced scrap by as much as 60%. The cost savings and additional revenues from the two plants were worth over $1.3 million.
Patrick Henry CollegeRecruiting the Best and Brightest and Increasing Alumni GivingMVT has been used to increase inquiries, deposits and students who enroll in Patrick Henry College.
Phillips 66Optimizing Advertising Media Mix in Record TimeExecuted the project nationwide with half of their seven thousand independently owned and controlled retail locations in less than three weeks. Saved $1 million, and spent money on the right things for a 100 X ROI.
Pilot Flying JFeatured SpeechMVT efforts substantially increased inside store sales and gross margin dollars during recenssionary times and reduced advertising investments by one third without decreasing revenues. MVT insights helped optimize a major initiative to "reset" critical portions of the retail merchandise assortment and layout.
Pilot Flying JFeatured SpeechPilot launched an innovative MVT program that has tested ten to fifteen new ideas every two to three months. In just the first year of the program, Pilot tested over fifty ideas intended to improve inside sales and implemented a series of actions that have been proven to deliver millions of dollars in increased sales and profits.
Pilot Flying JGross Profit Up $3.3 Million in Seven MonthsPilot wanted to increase profitability by driving sales on items that were more profitable than average. Over the course of seven months they were able to drive their margins up over 2.5%. The average check went up three cents, and profit per check increased by six cents! The revenue mix shift in these categories went up 0.8% on average. This activity will result in annualized Gross Profit gains of over $7 million.
Pilot Flying JMVT–Applications in the Convenience Store Industry–6.5% Positive Impact on Inside Sales While Industry DeclinedFour MVTs identified twelve helpful factors that had a 6.5% positive impact on overall inside store sales as the industry experienced a 5–10% sales decline. By identifying helpful and harmful test factors, Pilot was able to simplify the marketing message, make it more impactful, and streamline overall marketing costs.
Pilot Flying JRestaurant Sales Increase Over 3% in a Down Year for the IndustryThey used the MVT Process in four nationally branded concepts to test twelve factors, ultimately implementing five initiatives that produced a 3% to 4% growth in like/like sales with reduced marketing costs.
Pilot Flying JRetailer Uses the MVT Process to Assess Digital MediaThe QualPro MVT process plays an important role in assessing the digital media messaging impact. Digital media has allowed us to deliver messages that facilitate a fast and easy customer experience while delivering superior financial results at Pilot Flying J.
Pilot Flying JTruck Fleet Improves Fuel Efficiency with Ideas Implemented at Zero CostPilot Flying J was looking for ways to increase fuel efficiency by 0.2 to 0.3 miles per gallon. Since fuel consumption is the primary or secondary cost for any trucking fleet, improving mpg performance is essential to businesses that are shipping products.
PregisTriple the Production Rate with Lower Raw Material Cost, Decreased Scrap, and Zero Capital DollarsA major customer wanted more product than was currently available. After just a few weeks, MVT identified several improvement actions, including a way to totally eliminate a bottleneck step in the process. They tripled their production rate, while lowering raw material cost, decreasing scrap, and expending zero capital dollars.
Progressive InsuranceAgent SalesSales of company policies increased 1.294 policies per week, potentially worth over $750 million in annual sales.
Progressive InsuranceAttorney RepresentationAttorney representation rate fell from 36% to 28%, which was worth over $25 million per year in savings.
Progressive InsuranceCustomer Retention for $8 Million in Profits and $200 Million in SalesImproved customer retention resulted in $8 million in profits and $200 million in sales.
Progressive InsuranceDirect Mail Response Rates Up 15%Increased direct mail response rates almost 15%.
Progressive InsuranceFeatured SpeakerThe various channels of retaining policy holders, reducing insurance claim fraud, increasing direct mail effectiveness, and optimizing advertising expenditures were worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
Progressive InsuranceOptimization of Advertising Media MixIdentified the most effective use of TV, radio, billboard, and direct mail dollars. Resolved long-standing discussions and differing views.
Progressive InsuranceTargeted Marketing Mail Effectiveness Improved 25%Reduced mail volume by 25% while maintaining virtually the same number of sales.
Quick ChekFeatured SpeechHow the Quick Chek team identifies practical, fast, cost-free improvement ideas and manages MVT projects without disrupting their operations. They achieved a 5% comp sales impact following implementation of helpful ideas across all stores.
Qwest CommunicationsDecrease the Time for Installing New ServiceNeeded to reduce cycle time for installing new service for a large family of products. Upon starting the MVT the historical average immediately dropped 17%, once all helpful factors are implemented and hurtful are stopped the improvement should total 40%.
Qwest CommunicationsDeploying MVT Successfully Across a Large OrganizationStrategy and day-to-day execution has produced a broad and successful MVT deployment.
Qwest CommunicationsMore with LessQwest wanted to know what supervisor tasks could be eliminated without reducing Quality Jobs per Day (QJD). The MVT tested seventeen supervisor tasks and found that over half could be eliminated. Results? Not only did QJD not fall – QJD went up 10%.
Qwest CommunicationsTwo MVTs are Faster than OneThis installation process had an average cycle time of eighty days. Using a creative approach to the problem, two MVTs tested eighteen ideas, and the implementation of five helpful ideas improved that cycle time by 35%.
Rent-A-CenterUsing the MVT Process to Eliminate Wasteful Spending and Move the Real Customer LeversUsed QualPro’s MVT Process to optimize advertising media mix and improve sales and profits, worth $116 million.
Riverwood InternationalDramatic Improvements in Complaints, Scrap, Cost, and Production Rates with No CapitalDramatic, simultaneous improvements in complaints, scrap, cost, and productivity rates were accomplished with no capital investment.
RR Donnelley & SonsFlavor of the MonthOver $1.5 million in savings were identified in an existing process.
RR Donnelley & SonsNew Tools Cut Paper CostsSavings of $1.4 million per year were achieved in a process which had been operating for decades.
RR Donnelley & SonsReducing DowntimePress downtime was reduced by 58%, saving $500,000 annually. Bonus benefits consisted of increased revenue from extra press time, improved customer satisfaction, higher on-time delivery, higher quality, and increased employee job satisfaction.
RR Donnelley & Sons - UKBindery EfficiencyBindery run time was increased nearly 25%, worth $1.25 million per year.
Sage Automotive InteriorsFan the Flame with the MVT ProcessSage successfully executed an MVT project that converted a product initially struggling to meet strength specifications to one that has even surpassed the ASTM standard’s ability to gauge bond strength. Moreover, Sage increased throughput by 11% while maintaining this high bond strength.
Sage Automotive InteriorsShog and Motley and the MVT ProcessShog and motley are a stubborn quality issue with knitted fabrics. MVT identified efforts that had been focused on parameters that were not quality critical, increasing throughput first quality from 50%t to 98%.
SaksSeeking to Increase "Comp" Sales and Profitability Through the Use of MVTIncreased comp sales and bottom-line profit. Each percentage point increase in comp sales translated into several million dollars of bottom-line profit.
Saks Fifth AvenueFeatured SpeakerThe strategic value of MVT in the retail environment and the critical management tactics that ensure maximum organizational benefits and help achieve nearly immediate ROI.
Saks Fifth AvenueOff 5th Increases Sales by 4.3% During MVTDuring the test, the 24 stores participating out-performed the other stores by 4.3%, generating approximately $1 million in additional sales.
Saks, Inc.Improving Sales and Changing a Corporate CultureMVT has changed the planning process dramatically; testing has become an integral part of running the business.
Sauder WoodworkingLamination Defects Cut in HalfLamination defects were costing $4 million per year in wasted materials. Defects were reduced 50%. Defects were further reduced with more experimentation for a cost savings of over $1.5 million.
SBC AmeritechCustomer Care Center Repeat Calls and Unnecessary TransfersReduced nuisance calls by over 15% that could result in more than $30 million in savings.
SBC AmeritechFeatured SpeakerCut installation and repair backlogs in half and dramatically shortened customer response times, greatly enhancing customer service and satisfaction. Helped avoid millions of dollars in labor costs.
SBC AmeritechProductivity Increase for Telephone TechniciansImproved technician (GJI8) performance for a potential increase of 0.25 jobs per day.
SBC AmeritechRepair and Installation Backlog Reduced 50%Customer response times were slashed avoiding millions of dollars in labor costs.
SBC CommunicationsBillingsIn just eight weeks, no-cost actions were identified and implemented which eliminated late billings. 0% late resulted in direct cost savings exceeding $2 million and a dramatic reduction in unhappy customers.
SBC CommunicationsFaster Installation of DSL High-Speed Internet AccessOrder Flowthrough improved from below 50% to over 95% (i.e., order flows through without manual intervention).
SBC CommunicationsReduction in Telephone Installation Lead TimeReduced the time interval from a residential customer call to the successful completion of the installation.
SBC CommunicationsUse of MVT Throughout Critical Business Operations Brings Close to a Billion Dollars in ResultsImproved customer service, billings, installations and repairs, data center operations, inventory management, and sales for close to a billion dollars in results.
SentaraReducing Infections Through Improved Hand Hygiene Compliance by Using The MVT ProcessThe results of the MVT project include dramatic improvements in hand hygiene measurement capability, hand hygiene compliance, and hospital-acquired infection rates.
SkillSearchIncreased Response Rate for Direct Mail PackagesThe response rate rose by 39%. Changing the mailing procedures saved the company $2 million per year.
Southwestern Bell Telephone Company$15 Million Sales StoryIncreased sales by $11 million plus reduced expenses by $4 million.
Southwestern Bell Telephone CompanyBill RedesignDesigned a bill that was more appealing, easier to understand, and did not cost any more to produce. The customer satisfaction rating increased by 25%.
Southwestern Bell Telephone CompanyMVT Triples Re-utilization of Capital Resources Valued at $16 Million per YearMVT found ways to recover more plant without using additional resources. Plant recovered was tripled for a value of $16 million per year.
Southwestern Bell Telephone CompanyNecessary Work After MVTReduced failures by 20%, removing a big risk to this $1 billion revenue stream.
Southwestern Bell Telephone CompanyPAC ContributionsDoubled participation in the PAC contribution process and increased contributions by 238%.
Southwestern Bell Telephone CompanyPersistence Increases SalesOverall improvement in annual sales was estimated at $3 million. This was accomplished with no additional staff while maintaining the same levels of customer satisfaction and center accessibility.
Southwestern Bell Telephone CompanyProductivity Increases by Service CenterIncrease in service center productivity resulted in a reduction of fines and reduced labor costs potentially valued at $1.5 to $2.1 million annually.
Southwestern Bell Telephone CompanyQDDOn-time installations went from 84% to 98%, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.
Southwestern Bell Telephone CompanyRight the First TimeSome pre-planning by repair personnel, prior to customer visits, dramatically improved customer satisfaction and saved over $1.5 million per year by reducing repeat visits.
Southwestern Bell Telephone CompanyTeams + Customers = Win-Win-WinMVT identified factors which reduced the critical interval from 32 days to 23 days. Not only were late charges avoided, projected corporate revenues increased over $1 million per year.
Southwestern Bell Telephone Company - Alladin167% of Quota in Business-to-Business SalesThe worst performing district achieved a 300%+ increase in sales while the best performing district jumped over 50%.
Southwestern Bell Telephone Company - HoustonExcellence Through Service GuaranteeMissed appointments were reduced by 17.7% with an estimated value of $2.1 million.
Southwestern Bell Telephone Company - HoustonSales ImprovementSales were increased 12.4% with a predicted value of $1.9 million.
Southwestern Bell Telephone Company - OklahomaPlug InsDecreased total inventory value by 10%, a $2.3 million reduction in working capital.
Southwestern Bell Telephone Company - Pacific BellCoding ErrorsService order coding accuracy improved over 180%. Number of customer claims were reduced 89% and refunds were reduced 36%. The estimated worth was $4.7 million.
Southwestern Bell Telephone Company - St. LouisEmployee ReferralsIncreased the number of referrals by over 40%, which resulted in increased revenues of $3.6 million.
StaplesImproved Circular Improves Retail Sales and MarginCreating the most effective circular resulted in improved sales (up to 3%) and increased profits (up to 5%).
Superior EssexFeatured SpeechHow senior leadership of an organization can use the MVT process to harness the power and creativity of their workforce, focusing organizational energy on actions that increase profits, enhance customer satisfaction, and improve competitive position.
TELUSReduction in Service Order ErrorsRealized an immediate 35% reduction in service order errors, worth $365,000 in annual savings, not counting the improved customer satisfaction.
The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. (Carson Pirie Scott)Special Executive Topic: Improving Retail Sales and Profits with MVTExplained how the benefits of testing lots of ideas across many functions and how organization-wide involvement can be very helpful to maximizing sales, margins, and shareholder value.
The Cason GroupIncreasing Sales and Profits through Staff Activities in Service IndustriesIdentified activities that would generate a 15% increase in proposal requests and a 10% decrease in turnaround time for their clients.
Tronox LLCProductivity Increases Provide Over $11 Million of Additional RevenueThe objective of the Tronox Pigment project was to increase the rate for base TiO2, a key component used to make paint. Once the MVT ideas were implemented, changes increased rates almost 5%, worth over $11 million in revenue per year.
Truman Medical CentersFeatured Speech“There is no formula for creativity.” This speech emphasized the importance of using an improvement process that provides a role for human creativity as well as analytics.
Truman Medical CentersImprovement in Throughput at Hospital Outpatient ClinicsLengthy throughput times are often noted as unacceptable by patients and can result in decreased satisfaction for patients as well as Truman staff. Truman has achieved significant improvement in outpatient throughput times.
Truman Medical CentersReduction in Outpatient Clinics’ No Show RateHigh no show rates have the potential to impact Truman’s productivity as well as the effective care for its patients. They achieved a 15% reduction in no show rates.
Truman Medical CentersReversing a Declining Collections Rate TrendIncreasing the collection rate at Truman Medical Centers, Inc. is a critical objective that can provide increased cash for this safety net hospital. Truman has already arrested a trend that has been declining over years.
TV GuideWhat Makes You Buy a MagazineIncreased sales by millions of dollars.
Unifi, Inc.Closing the Sale is About More Than Price—$750,000 in Sales Before the MVT Was CompleteUsing MVT to test a number of ideas to improve its sales process, Unifi identified actions to improve its selling effectiveness. Even though price was unquestionably important in this very competitive yarn market, Unifi found other factors that could also have a significant impact in the customer decision. Best of all, Unifi closed over $750,000 in targeted sales during the MVT.
Unifi, Inc.Developing an Environmentally Conscious Product Rapidly with the MVT ProcessUnifi used QualPro’s Procedure for Developing a New Process to rapidly and efficiently take Repreve to reliable high-quality mass production at low costs. Introducing a new product and quickly reaching a sold-out condition while producing at higher-than-design rates is game-changing.
Unifi, Inc.Doubling Capacity and Reducing Energy Usage with the MVT ProcessThrough the use of QualPro’s MVT® Process, doubled production capacity and simultaneously dramatically reduced the electrical utility bill without expending a penny in new capital. Challenged decades of conventional wisdom, uncovered profound knowledge, and recognized significant financial gains.
Unifi, Inc.Featured SpeechUnifi has used MVT to achieve successes that include large reductions in costly texturizing breaks, substantial increases in first-quality yield in yarn production, and dramatic improvement in sales force effectiveness at competing with foreign competition. During a time when textile industry has mostly moved offshore, Unifi is committed to thriving in the US.
Unifi, Inc.It's a Small World After All When Spinning Yarn – Small Filaments Reduced 70%Using the MVT process to test factors including process settings, personnel behavior, and supplier material characteristics, Unifi identified actions expected to reduce small filaments by 70%.
Unifi, Inc.Maintaining the GainMVT project reduced expensive textile yarn breaks by over 40%.
Unifi, Inc.Polyester’s Dirty Little SecretFor years, Unifi has used a costly and time-consuming prescour in an attempt to wash away trimer and avoid its ill effects. MVT experimentation is not only allowing Unifi to determine factors that reduce trimer, but may also totally eliminate the need for a prescour.
Unifi, Inc.Reducing Quality Problems by 40% with the MVT ProcessUnifi was able to reduce by 40% the amount of substandard nylon downgraded. This led to a $700,000 cost improvement without any need for new capital.
Unifi, Inc.Tackling the Right Things by Using the MVT ProcessEmployed the MVT Process to determine the key repair components and how to cost effectively repair the infant positions so that they perform up to standard. As a result, the plant knows when their precious maintenance dollars are spent, they get results.
Unifi, Inc.The MVT Process Is the Splice of LifeSplices may break during transfer, causing downtime, lost productivity, and sometimes packages that are too small to be considered first quality. Strengthening the splices in order to minimize transfer breaks resulted in a $500,000 per year opportunity.
Unifi, Inc.Unifi Uses the MVT Process to Tackle “Special Causes”The average number of hours the process ran before another repeat break was improved over 250%.
Unifi, Inc.When State of the Art Is Not Good EnoughUnifi was able to characterize and understand the influence of all machine parameters on key quality characteristics. The MVT Process has fast forwarded Unifi’s technical knowledge base and set them up to take this process nowhere but up.
Unifi, Inc.World Class Manufacturing Process Achieves 30% ImprovementUnifi used MVT to reduce polyester yarn breaks that occurred during the texturing process. MVT findings allowed Unifi to take its polyester texturing operation to another level . . . a 30% reduction in breaks per machine hour!
United Health Group—OvationsDeploying MVT to Improve Health and Reduce HospitalizationsImproved member health through enhanced clinical model interventions that reduced hospitalizations while maintaining/improving costs and quality indicators. Hospitalizations reduced by 20%, an innovative approach to improving healthcare delivery.
UnitedHealth Group–OvationsDeploying MVT to Improve Health and Reduce HospitalizationsThe goal of this project was to identify the telephonically delivered interventions that would reduce unnecessary and/or avoidable interventions while improving overall costs and quality. Results were a 20% decrease in utilization.
Unocal 76, Santa Maria RefineryRemoving Butane from Gasoline to Meet EPA DeadlineVapor pressure reduction allowed butane to be removed from the product and improve capacity. Bottom line savings were $600,000 annually.
Unocal 76, SF RefineryMeet Regulatory Requirements While Maximizing ProfitsMethods were found to know and hold constant the risk of producing any off-grade product while meeting all EPA and CARD regulations.
ValsparProduction Line Changeover Time Reduced 18% to 68%Identified actions to reduce down-time associated with product changes by 18% to 68% which lead not only to an increase in capacity, but also a substantial reduction in inventory.
VisaIncreasing Customer Loyalty Through Managing Customer CommunicationsIncreased cardholder spending for small businesses enrolled in the Visa Extras loyalty program by 21%.
VisaSpecial Executive Topic: Increasing Banking Sales and Profits with MVTHow MVT helped Visa member banks increase sales and profits of their card portfolios.
W.W. GraingerFeatured SpeechUsing MVT to optimize the market expansion program strategy by 1) increasing the effectiveness of program elements, 2) avoiding wasted investment in ineffective tactics, and 3) reallocating resources from low-yield activities to ones with a high return on investment, expected to contribute growth in excess of $1 billion over the next 10 years.
Wausau-Mosinee PaperGoing for Broke Saves $1.23 Million in Waste"Broke" reduced by 30% which resulted in savings of $1.23 million annually.
WellPointFeatured Speech24% improvement in enrollment and engagement in affiliated health plans, to manage more chronically ill members, which yields enhanced quality of life and reduced medical claims costs for members.
WellPoint/Anthem Care ManagementThe Fast Track to Improving Member EngagementThey had a record-breaking enrollment rate in the first five weeks. Enrollment and engagement rates during the Screening MVT process indicate WellPoint will achieve the overall goal of 10% improvement.
Williams-Sonoma, Inc.Brand Multi-Channel Sales Improved with Catalog Creative TestingRestored sales growth in the catalog by 10%, worth $8 million per year while driving more incremental business to the internet and retail chains.
Williams-Sonoma, Inc.Featured SpeakerDiscussed the role of MVT as a tool for corporate turnarounds, as well as continuous improvement.
Williams-Sonoma, Inc.Retail Catalog and Care Center Effectiveness ImprovedIdentified modifications in catalog cover and content, as well as increase consumer response and sales through care center and internet channels.
Witco Capacity IncreaseNo-cost actions were implemented which increased plant capacity over 25% and improved profitability $3.2 million.
Witco, MapletonReliability and On-Time DeliveryReduced cycle time by 10% and decreased late deliveries by 75%. Satisfied customers increased sales by $3.3 million.
Witco, SistersvilleMystery Scum BanishedScum was eliminated completely which was worth $833,000 per year.
Zep ManufacturingTargets $30 Million in Sales RevenuesImprovement in sales results for an entire line of products is expected to be worth $30 million in increased revenue.