Our Story Began with Nuclear Weapons Manufacturing

Our Founder, Dr. Charles Holland, began developing the MVT® Process to solve major challenges in nuclear weapons production at Union Carbide’s Nuclear Weapons Manufacturing Division.  In his role as Head of Quality for Nuclear Weapons Production, Dr. Holland used his expertise to help ensure the U.S. nuclear arsenal could achieve its intended mission.  Working closely with top scientists from the U.S. National Labs, Dr. Holland used a number of cutting-edge statistical techniques to solve numerous manufacturing challenges involving new technologies and materials.  During this time, Dr. Holland also headed up the development of the Dynamic Nuclear Material Control and Accountability System (DYMCAS) to help safeguard and keep track of all U.S. nuclear materials in real time.

The W. Edwards Deming Connection

During the early 1980s, Dr. Holland began working closely with Dr. W. Edwards Deming as Deming worked to revitalize the U.S. automotive industry and other manufacturing sectors.  Deming urged Dr. Holland to start QualPro to help American companies improve their processes while Deming worked to transform the American style of management.  Many of QualPro’s earliest clients were direct referrals from Deming.  Dr. Holland collaborated closely with Deming to develop QualPro.  The two met frequently in Washington D.C. to discuss how to make process improvement techniques as effective as possible for U.S. and global corporations.  Deming soon labeled Dr. Holland as one of his original Deming Masters, an elite group of process improvement specialists whom “you could count on your fingers.”

Over Three Decades of Delivering Breakthrough Results

QualPro first began training management, operations, and technical personnel from major automotive companies and their key suppliers.  QualPro’s management team quickly realized that there was a critical need to provide consulting support to corporations to help them use process improvement tools to achieve major performance improvements.  In our first decade, QualPro expanded rapidly and ranked #80 on the Inc. 5000 “Fastest Growing Private Companies” list.  QualPro has worked with thousands of organizations, conducted over 17,000 improvement projects, and tested more than 250,000 business improvement ideas.  QualPro has helped clients realize tens of billions of dollars in bottom-line improvements, and our clients have presented almost 300 major successes at our annual events.

During the 1980s, QualPro worked primarily with manufacturing companies in the automotive, chemical, paper, textile, electronics, oil and gas, and mining industries.  In the 1990s, QualPro began to work with leading service organizations in sectors such as retail, insurance, telecommunications, financial services, and healthcare. In the past decade, we have expanded into even more areas including higher education, state and federal government, and public welfare.

QualPro’s approach has also been featured in over 200 news publications. The publications include: Forbes, BusinessWeek, Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, and many more. QualPro has also been featured on broadcast news segments including: CNN, CNBC, and Fox Business. Click here to learn more about how QualPro has been featured in the business press.