What Our Clients Are Saying


“What I have found is that MVT works…time after time…for company after company.”
Superior Essex, Stephen Carter, CEO
“We brought QualPro in, and in less than 6 months, zero capital dollars, zero cost dollars expended, [we gained] $23 million in terms of additional capacity and increased sales in a sold out business.”
DuPont, Ron Lee, Global Director
“[We] have run 370 MVTs across 55 plants over the last 20 years. I get asked many times,  ‘How many were successful?’ I say, “All of them.’ “
Exide Technologies, Larry White, Director of Continuous Improvement
“Because the [MVT] process is extremely versatile, it works equally well on batch or continuous processes. Its use can range from a single operator or laboratory technician doing a small MVT to [an] MVT that involves several different plants…The technique scales beautifully.”
CF Industries, Dave Pruett, Vice President


“Thousands of employees have been involved in the MVTs and the QualPro Process across North America. We have represented over $208 million of benefits in terms of presentations at the symposiums.”
DuPont, Ron Lee. Global Director
“QualPro is fast. We had results in three months without pushing hard. Six Sigma, in three months, you might have gotten your organization identified, and maybe not even named your black belts or your green belts, or talked about the process. It’s extremely slow, it takes too long, and you lose a lot of people in the process of getting up and running.”
Olin, Frank Chirumbole, Senior Vice President Operations
“We did all of this in less than six months. . . Average change over time was reduced 44%. [We had] savings up to $15 million in downtime. . .we freed up 33,000 line hours of production time across three plants. We didn’t have to [spend] that $2 million in capital investment. We reduced inventory by $800,000. We produced no off quality material due to the MVT during the process.”
Valspar, Adam Johnstone, Project Engineer
“The Six Sigma effort that was going on at the site. . .their savings in the projects were of a much smaller size. . .The size of results we’ve gotten. . .have been almost a magnitude larger. . .[There’s] a speed issue, too. . .The speed of implementation is faster with QualPro.”
BASF, Art Colwell, Vice President and General Manager
“It was in excess of $38 million, but that’s only a one-time savings. During the 8 years I’ve used this, I have never one year budgeted [for] training dollars or consulting fees. . .because every year the payback has been in the 20-25x range of any dollars that I have spent.”
DuPont, Scott Gray, Plant Manager

“In short, our work together has had a wonderful impact on performance. Even more than the performance boost, however, I appreciate QualPro’s impact on our culture. [We exist] explicitly to “Create Value and Brighten Lives,” in large part by Being a Great Place to Work. As long as I can remember, we have pursued this mission by paying well and selecting only the most capable people to join our team. Despite these hiring practices, our management style has often prevented these outstanding operators from fully using their entrepreneurial capabilities. Not only does this reduce the value each person is able to create, it also dampens the pride and satisfaction each might receive from his or her personal contributions. As a result, we failed to brighten lives to the extent that we might have. With the help of QualPro that is changing. With QualPro’s tools, techniques and leadership, those on the front line are able to leverage their expertise and capabilities more than ever to make truly stunning productivity and quality improvements. Defects and frustrations have decreased, yields have increased, and our operators are making the kind of difference that inspires the pride of workmanship we intend. Value is created, lives are brightened, everyone is better off. Thank you for helping make it so.”

Shepherd Material Science Co., Tom Shepherd, CEO


“Based on the findings, our GM ROI (Gross Margin Return on Investment) was 14 to 1. That’s a pretty big number. . .We are the best performing retail stock on the New York Stock Exchange this year.”
Big Lots, Rob Claxton, Senior Vice President, Marketing
“[We saved] $600,000 plus. . .by not implementing one program [that] we were ready to implement. Implementing anything over 2,100 stores is challenging at best. It is really nice to know that if you’re going to go to the effort of getting through all the filters that go in[to] an organization like ours, that the end result is worthwhile. . .So, we had an 8.1% growth due to MVT, and that was our first experience.”
Bridgestone Firestone, Bill Perdew, COO
“So what happens to ‘the bottom line’ in big bold letters? We have an improvement potential up to $175 million in retail sales and up to $85 million in retail margins.”
Staples, Kristen Miller, Director, Marketing Strategy & Consumer Insights
“Our numbers have been in the nine range. The 9% is comp sales over the trend line. Even if this didn’t generate a single extra sale for us, it had huge benefits that paid for the MVT. Reduction from full page ads to half page ads. . .saves us up to $8 million, and it’s going to save us 30% of our agency production fee.”
AutoNation, Gary Marcotte, Senior Vice President
“CarMax signed up immediately for the multivariable testing. [We have] done incredibly well. CarMax. . .was the number one performing stock on the New York Stock Exchange [last year] . [We had] over 450% growth. . .”
CarMax, Jeff Wells


“QualPro did a superb operational audit of our billing activity and outpatient scheduling processes. From this CEO’s point of view, getting an external critique of what we did or didn’t do against our own policies was important to know. And it was not a long, protracted, process-dominated ordeal. The use of multiple interventions and mathematical formulas were necessary for their studies, but the engagement, feedback, [and] input and solicitation of ideas [were] just as important.”
Truman Medical Centers, John Bluford, President & CEO
“With our first test alone, we actually achieved our 10% improvement goal in that first two months of testing, and [we] even saw more improvement as we moved into refining. . .resulting in a 24% improvement.”
Wellpoint, Nichola Denney, Staff Vice President
“These improvements are critical to meeting the needs of our physicians and have generated a tremendous amount of additional case capacity. We are extremely excited about the results. In fact, we are looking at other applications for QualPro’s MVT® Process in our health system.”
Blount Memorial Hospital, Joe Dawson, CEO

Oil & Gas

“[MVT] suited our needs perfectly, in that it allow[ed] us to do multiple experiments with a [small] number of test situations. Exxon and companies are very successful because they pick and choose their risks, and they do them right. MVT has proven that it makes a lot of money.”
ExxonMobil, John Harrelson, Manager
“[T]hese were really great projects we did. They are going to bring an awful lot of money to the bottom line, and we [were] able to do them quickly at very little cost. The cost of the experiment is nothing compared to what we saved. We think we’ll get 100x back. It’s amazing when you sit down and think about the power of MVT and what it can really do for you.”
Phillips 66, Andy Viens, President of Global Marketing


“The projects that we have done touched all areas of the business; [there were] literally hundreds of MVTs. We worked with thousands of factors and saved millions of dollars. In fact, the bottom line is approximately $1 billion.”

AT&T, Neil Ismert, General Manager
“I have never had a failure with QualPro. If you do this correctly, you will have a great outcome both financially and personally for you.”
Qwest, Ed Mueller, CEO
“We’ve also used MVT to help us improve shareholder value.”
Verizon, Deborah Anders, Vice President

Financial Services

“So we would tell you we would be really excited with a 50% lift, and that we’d walk away very, very happy, and QualPro is wonderful, and all that kind of stuff, but what we actually ended up with was a 300% lift, which blew us away.”
American Express, Anthony Hayes
“There is almost no end to the things we can test. . .and in a very short period of time get some answers. . .The payoff was huge. . .[The] things that we found had opportunities in the hundreds of millions of dollars.”
Progressive, David Skove, General Manager, Agent Sales
“We’ve saved a tremendous amount of money by not doing certain things anymore. We’ve developed different communication strategies for the different segments. I just can’t say enough good things about MVT.”
Visa, Laurie Dornberger, Senior Director


“MVTs are fun. . .It’s really entertaining to watch the ‘experts’ try to explain what they heretofore deemed impossible.”
Boise Cascade, Miles Hewitt, Senior Vice President
“The real power of MVT, in my opinion, is that you engage all of your workforce in generating ideas, designing the MVT, implementing the MVT, and actually retaining and sustaining the gains you generate.”
International Paper, Andy Mouhot, Manager
“QualPro[‘s] MVT, it works everywhere, it works on everything, everybody loves it, [and] it produces results.”
Pregis Hexacomb Corporation, Bill McBee, President


“We initiated two projects; the first was to increase student enrollment. The top-line application percentage has increased 15% already in the first six months; that’s a very healthy sign. Also, donor acquisition is absolutely critical for [our] long-term survival and prosperity. [The second project] saw a donor response rate increase by 24%, which is fantastic, and the average gift is up 18%.”
Patrick Henry College, Colin Stewart, Vice President, Advancement

“MVT worked. It improved the recruiting and retention processes. It allowed us to compete for the most qualified students. We’re
able to recruit the students we desire, and we can retain them. We know what it takes to retain them.”

Lincoln Memorial University, Robert Sabbatini, Dean of Campus Life

“‘QualPro is helping us make better data-driven decisions. We’re absolutely ecstatic about the results.”

University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Scott Rabenold, Vice Chancellor for Development