Results are everything.

For over thirty years, our clients have set the benchmark in every process from basic feedstocks to complex polymerization, oil field services to refinery products, and chemical additives to catalysts.


Operations and process improvement

At QualPro, our consultants can help chemical industry clients improve product quality, reduce variability, and reduce emissions. Our process involves individuals from every level of a business and requires no additional capital expense.




Optimizing throughput and cycle time

In a short amount of time, QualPro can test a large number of potential improvement ideas in a real-world environment and determine which ones have the greatest impact on performance.




Track Record

During our thirty-year history, QualPro has helped many chemical professionals complete successful projects that resulted in breakthrough improvements. Our results have been lauded by the EPA, FDA, and USDA.




SWAT Projects

QualPro's experience with over 17,000 client engagements has clearly demonstrated that fast and dramatic process improvement results are best accomplished through intense, focused projects aimed at significant, specific accomplishments.