Overview and Focus Areas

For over thirty years, chemical companies across the United States have achieved breakthrough improvements with no increase in capital or operational expenses using QualPro’s MVT® Process. By testing practical, fast, and cost-free solutions, our chemical clients can rapidly improve results, reduce costs, and simplify operations. We designed our unique performance improvement approach to identify innovative ideas for enhancing performance. Then, we test these ideas in a real-world environment to determine which ones will have the greatest impact on performance. By involving individuals from all levels of an organization, our approach builds enthusiasm and support for implementing the final solutions. Developed to generate fast results without capital investment, our MVT Process consistently produces breakthrough results for our clients.

Our consultants focus on the following areas.

  • Improving performance with existing resources
  • Increasing throughput & reducing cycle time
  • Improving plant maintenance & reliability
  • Improving product quality & reducing variability
  • Improving efficiency & reducing costs
  • Increasing line capacity & reducing product defect rate
  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Reducing emissions
  • Reducing waste & off-spec product

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44% Reduction in Changeover Time

QualPro helped Valspar reduce changeover time on an average of 44% across three plants and save $15 million in downtime.  Read more…

$2.5 Million in Annual Savings

Based on QualPro's recommendations, BASF saved $2.5 million annually and increased run times.  Read more…

93% Increase in Facility Run Life

After conducting MVT® Testing, DuPont increased annual profit by $26 million by doubling a facility’s run life.  Read more…

What Our Clients Have to Say

We've used QualPro for a number of things in DuPont. Everything from yield programs to uptime programs to sales and marketing, dealing with environmental problems, capacity release, and cycle time.

DuPont, Dave Rurak, Operations Business Leader

You're going to try multiple ideas; you’re going to allow things to interact which you don’t do when you’re doing just one factor at a time experimentation. So all sorts of new interactions, nuisances, changes are going to occur that you are not going to see one factor at a time. It opens up a whole new view of the process you are looking at. . .[We] could have required a. . .multi-million-dollar scrubbing unit. . .on the tower. The experiments we did allowed us to do it at zero cost. . .The bottom line is this. This stuff works!

Dyno Nobel, David Pruett, Vice President Manufacturing

[MVT was] a big tool to get our operators really involved in the process. . .People got involved, and they were able to see results quickly.

Oil-Dri Corporation, Michel Bastien