Overview and Focus Areas

Since our founding in 1982, we’ve helped hundreds of manufacturers achieve greater efficiency and lower costs. Companies in a variety of industries have found practical, fast, and cost-free solutions to thousands of diverse problems, all without increasing capital expenses or operational costs. Our MVT® Process allows businesses to try many different ideas simultaneously, reducing testing time while exploring interactions between seemingly unrelated parts of any process. Using this unique process, our clients are able to identify actions that will lead to breakthrough results.

Our consultants focus on the following areas.

  • Improving performance with existing resources
  • Increasing throughput & reducing cycle time
  • Improving plant maintenance & reliability
  • Improving product quality & reducing variability
  • Improving efficiency & reducing costs
  • Increasing line capacity & reducing product defect rate
  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Reducing emissions
  • Reducing waste & off-spec product
  • Reducing downtime

In the News

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Elo Touch Solutions

Capstone Turbine


Defect Rate Reduced by 23%

With QualPro’s help, Elo Touch Solutions reduced their product defect rate to 2%.   Read more…

Control Valve Failures Eliminated

By using QualPro’s MVT Process, Capstone Turbine Corporation eliminated control valve failures and increased valve life to 25 years.   Read more…

Annual Savings of $1 Million

QualPro helped Sauder Woodworking reduce their reject rate by more than 20%, leading to more than $1 million in annual savings.   Read more…

What Our Clients Have to Say

QualPro’s application of statistics is not an academic and arcane science. It is practical. It is pragmatic. It is useful, and it’s useful because it’s simple. It’s direct, and it’s used in an appropriate way to drive truth into the data.

Sauder Woodworking, Chuck Lawrence, Vice President of Purchasing

Our effective capacity continues to grow. Our market share’s up 20%. And our stock price has doubled. MVT has been a big part of that impact.

Unifi, Bill Jasper, CEO

We . . . have a tremendous sense of excitement about what all of the teaching done with our company can bring about in the form of terrific accomplishments.

Milliken, Roger Milliken, Founder