Overview and Focus Areas

Retail centers nationwide have used QualPro’s MVT® Process to achieve breakthrough improvements in comp sales and margins. By testing practical, fast, and cost-free solutions, our retail clients can rapidly improve results, reduce costs, and simplify operations. We designed our unique performance improvement approach to identify innovative ideas for enhancing performance. Then, we test these ideas in a real-world environment to determine which ones will have the greatest impact on performance. By involving individuals from all levels of an organization, our approach builds enthusiasm and support for implementing the final solutions. Our retail clients consistently achieve comp sales increases of 4 percent to 18 percent by using QualPro’s unique performance improvement process. We developed our MVT Process to generate fast results without budget increases, and our process consistently produces breakthrough results for our retail clients.

Our consultants focus on the following areas.

  • Optimizing store locations
  • Improving advertising effectiveness and media mix
  • Optimizing pricing strategy
  • Maximizing in-store and online sales
  • Improving merchandising and store operations
  • Optimizing store layout
  • Improving circular effectiveness
  • Optimizing inventory levels
  • Increasing same-store sales and margins

In the News

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