Overview and Focus Areas

Leading telecommunications companies across the country trust QualPro’s MVT® Process to achieve breakthrough improvements in customer care, network operations, and process efficiency. By testing practical, fast, and cost-free solutions, our telecommunications clients can rapidly improve customer retention, churn, and acquisition, as well as reduce repair times, outages, and operating costs. We designed our unique performance improvement approach to identify innovative ideas for enhancing performance. We test these ideas in a real-world environment to determine which ones will have the greatest impact on performance. Our MVT Process generates fast results without budget increases, and our process consistently produces breakthrough results for our telecommunications clients.

Our consultants focus on the following areas.

  • Improving customer acquisition
  • Improving retention strategy
  • Improving churn management
  • Improving order accuracy
  • Improving service fulfillment
  • Reducing repair times
  • Reducing circuit outages
  • Reducing payment errors
  • Improving coding accuracy
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    American Express

    22% Reduction in Late Payments

    After implementing QualPro’s findings, Verizon reduced its number of late payment accounts by 22%, saving millions of dollars.  Read more…

    25% Increase in Customer Satisfaction

    QualPro helped AT&T conduct testing to redesign its billing process and increase customer satisfaction by 25%. Read more…

    20% Increase in Call Center Sales

    Based on QualPro's recommendations, Citibank increased inbound call center sales by 20% after MVT® Testing. Read more…

    What Our Clients Have to Say

    The projects that we have done touched all areas of the business. . .We worked with thousands of factors and saved millions of dollars. In fact the bottom line is approximately $1 billion.

    AT&T, Neil Ismert, General Manager

    A multi-million-dollar improvement resulted from a Pacific Bell MVT project which was completed in less than 90 days. [They] improved on-time installations from 84% to 98%.

    Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, Ken Hill, Area Manager, RQC

    As CEO of Cingular, I was faced with consolidating 11 individual companies into a single business entity. Cingular used the MVT process to take the guess work out of deciding which retailing approaches would be retained from the individual brands.

    Cingular Superior Essex, Stephen Carter, CEO