Telecommunications Overview & Focus Areas

Leading telecommunications companies across the country trust QualPro’s MVT® Process to achieve breakthrough improvements in customer care, network operations, and process efficiency. By testing practical, fast, and cost-free solutions, our telecommunications clients can rapidly improve customer retention, churn, and acquisition, as well as reduce repair times, outages, and operating costs. We designed our unique performance improvement approach to identify innovative ideas for enhancing performance. We test these ideas in a real-world environment to determine which ones will have the greatest impact on performance. Our MVT Process generates fast results without budget increases, and our process consistently produces breakthrough results for our telecommunications clients.

Our consultants focus on the following areas:

Improving customer acquisition

Improving retention strategy

Improving churn management

Improving order accuracy

Improving service fulfillment

Reducing repair times

Reducing circuit outages

Reducing payment errors

Improving coding accuracy


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