What Our Clients Are Saying


“Thousands of employees have been involved in the MVTs and the QualPro Process across North America. We have represented over $208 million of benefits in terms of presentations at the symposiums.”
DuPont, Ron Lee. Global Director
“QualPro is fast. We had results in three months without pushing hard. Six Sigma, in three months, you might have gotten your organization identified, and maybe not even named your black belts or your green belts, or talked about the process. It’s extremely slow, it takes too long, and you lose a lot of people in the process of getting up and running.”
Olin, Frank Chirumbole, Senior Vice President Operations
“We did all of this in less than six months. . . Average change over time was reduced 44%. [We had] savings up to $15 million in downtime. . .we freed up 33,000 line hours of production time across three plants. We didn’t have to [spend] that $2 million in capital investment. We reduced inventory by $800,000. We produced no off quality material due to the MVT during the process.”
Valspar, Adam Johnstone, Project Engineer
“The Six Sigma effort that was going on at the site. . .their savings in the projects were of a much smaller size. . .The size of results we’ve gotten. . .have been almost a magnitude larger. . .[There’s] a speed issue, too. . .The speed of implementation is faster with QualPro.”
BASF, Art Colwell, Vice President and General Manager
“It was in excess of $38 million, but that’s only a one-time savings. During the 8 years I’ve used this, I have never one year budgeted [for] training dollars or consulting fees. . .because every year the payback has been in the 20-25x range of any dollars that I have spent.”
DuPont, Scott Gray, Plant Manager

“In short, our work together has had a wonderful impact on performance. Even more than the performance boost, however, I appreciate QualPro’s impact on our culture. [We exist] explicitly to “Create Value and Brighten Lives,” in large part by Being a Great Place to Work. As long as I can remember, we have pursued this mission by paying well and selecting only the most capable people to join our team. Despite these hiring practices, our management style has often prevented these outstanding operators from fully using their entrepreneurial capabilities. Not only does this reduce the value each person is able to create, it also dampens the pride and satisfaction each might receive from his or her personal contributions. As a result, we failed to brighten lives to the extent that we might have. With the help of QualPro that is changing. With QualPro’s tools, techniques and leadership, those on the front line are able to leverage their expertise and capabilities more than ever to make truly stunning productivity and quality improvements. Defects and frustrations have decreased, yields have increased, and our operators are making the kind of difference that inspires the pride of workmanship we intend. Value is created, lives are brightened, everyone is better off. Thank you for helping make it so.”

Shepherd Material Science Co., Tom Shepherd, CEO