What Our Clients Are Saying


“We initiated two projects; the first was to increase student enrollment. The top-line application percentage has increased 15% already in the first six months; that’s a very healthy sign. Also, donor acquisition is absolutely critical for [our] long-term survival and prosperity. [The second project] saw a donor response rate increase by 24%, which is fantastic, and the average gift is up 18%.”
Patrick Henry College, Colin Stewart, Vice President, Advancement

“MVT worked. It improved the recruiting and retention processes. It allowed us to compete for the most qualified students. We’re
able to recruit the students we desire, and we can retain them. We know what it takes to retain them.”

Lincoln Memorial University, Robert Sabbatini, Dean of Campus Life

“‘QualPro is helping us make better data-driven decisions. We’re absolutely ecstatic about the results.”

University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Scott Rabenold, Vice Chancellor for Development