What Our Clients Are Saying


“With our first test alone, we actually achieved our 10% improvement goal in that first two months of testing, and [we] even saw more improvement as we moved into refining. . .resulting in a 24% improvement.”
Wellpoint, Nichola Denney, Staff Vice President
“These improvements are critical to meeting the needs of our physicians and have generated a tremendous amount of additional case capacity. We are extremely excited about the results. In fact, we are looking at other applications for QualPro’s MVT® Process in our health system.”
Blount Memorial Hospital, Joe Dawson, CEO
“QualPro did a superb operational audit of our billing activity and outpatient scheduling processes. From this CEO’s point of view, getting an external critique of what we did or didn’t do against our own policies was important to know. And it was not a long, protracted, process-dominated ordeal. The use of multiple interventions and mathematical formulas were necessary for their studies, but the engagement, feedback, [and] input and solicitation of ideas [were] just as important.”
Truman Medical Centers, John Bluford, President & CEO