What Our Clients Are Saying


“Based on the findings, our GM ROI (Gross Margin Return on Investment) was 14 to 1. That’s a pretty big number. . .We are the best performing retail stock on the New York Stock Exchange this year.”
Big Lots, Rob Claxton, Senior Vice President, Marketing
“So what happens to ‘the bottom line’ in big bold letters? We have an improvement potential up to $175 million in retail sales and up to $85 million in retail margins.”
Staples, Kristen Miller, Director, Marketing Strategy & Consumer Insights
“[We saved] $600,000 plus. . .by not implementing one program [that] we were ready to implement. Implementing anything over 2,100 stores is challenging at best. It is really nice to know that if you’re going to go to the effort of getting through all the filters that go in[to] an organization like ours, that the end result is worthwhile. . .So, we had an 8.1% growth due to MVT, and that was our first experience.”
Bridgestone Firestone, Bill Perdew, COO
“Our numbers have been in the nine range. The 9% is comp sales over the trend line. Even if this didn’t generate a single extra sale for us, it had huge benefits that paid for the MVT. Reduction from full page ads to half page ads. . .saves us up to $8 million, and it’s going to save us 30% of our agency production fee.”
AutoNation, Gary Marcotte, Senior Vice President
“CarMax signed up immediately for the multivariable testing. [We have] done incredibly well. CarMax. . .was the number one performing stock on the New York Stock Exchange [last year] . [We had] over 450% growth. . .”
CarMax, Jeff Wells