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Results are everything. At QualPro, we have experience in numerous industries and functional areas. After more than 17,000 successful improvement projects, we are certain that we can deliver breakthrough performance improvement to your business in a short amount of time. [...]


Deluxe Corporation: Reducing Incorrect Orders

  CLIENT PROFILE Deluxe Corporation One of the largest check printers in North America   CLIENT NEEDS Reduce number of incorrect orders and improve customer satisfaction   BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS 40% decrease in number of incorrect orders   Deluxe Corporation: Reducing [...]


Verizon: Reducing Late Payments and Billing Inquiries

  CLIENT PROFILE Verizon Largest wireless communications service provider in the U.S.   CLIENT NEEDS Reduce number of overdue bills and unnecessary billing inquiries   BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS 22% decrease in late payments 9% decrease in billing inquiries Increased annual profit [...]


AT&T: Reducing Length of Billing Process

  CLIENT PROFILE AT&T Multinational telecommunications company Headquartered in Dallas, TX   CLIENT NEEDS Reduce time to print, enclose, and mail customer bills   BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS 60% decrease in key time measures $10 million in annual savings   AT&T: Reducing [...]


Citibank: Improving Customer Retention and Increasing Sales

    CLIENT PROFILE Citibank Consumer banking division of Citigroup Operate over 3,700 branches in 30+ countries   CLIENT NEEDS Improve operating efficiency by reducing the average call-handling time, increasing sales, and improving customer retention   BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS Achieved a [...]


Pilot Flying J: Improving In-Store Sales and Margins

  CLIENT PROFILE Pilot Flying J Headquartered in Knoxville, TN   CLIENT NEEDS Increase in-store sales by reevaluating in-store strategies   BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS 4.2% in-store sales increase   Pilot Flying J: Improving In-Store Sales and Margins Background Pilot Flying J [...]


Lowe’s: Increasing Preprint Ad Effectiveness

  CLIENT PROFILE Lowe's Companies, Inc. Second largest retail home improvement chain in the world   CLIENT NEEDS Identify most effective pre-print advertising to increase in-store sales   BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS Reduced advertising expenses by $50 million   Lowe's: Increasing Preprint [...]


Big Lots: Improving Sales and Margins

  CLIENT PROFILE Big Lots, Inc. Headquartered in Columbus, OH   CLIENT NEEDS Increase marketing return on investment (ROI)   BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS $150 million in additional annual sales Improved gross margin ROI by a ratio of 14 to 1   [...]


Boise Cascade Company: Reducing Costs

  CLIENT PROFILE Boise Cascade Company Leading pulp and paper company Established in 1957   CLIENT NEEDS Uncover reasons for high production costs   BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS Achieved annual savings of $1.5+ million   Boise Cascade Company: Reducing Costs Background Boise [...]

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