Case Studies

DuPont: Reducing Defects in Solar Panel Business

              CLIENT PROFILE DuPont One of the largest chemical companies in the world Plants in 90+ countries   CLIENT NEEDS Dramatically reduce defect rates to avoid delayed shipments and major customer complaints   BREAKTHROUGH [...]


Qwest: Reducing Service Delivery Cycle Time

              CLIENT PROFILE Qwest US telecommunications company Headquartered in Monroe, LA   CLIENT NEEDS Reduce service delivery cycle time to improve customer satisfaction   BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS 30%+ reduction in service delivery cycle time   [...]


Sauder Woodworking: Reducing Lamination Rejects by 20%

CLIENT PROFILE Sauder Woodworking Co. Founded in 1953 America’s largest ready-to-assemble furniture manufacturer CLIENT NEEDS Reduce lamination rejects in ready-to-assemble furniture BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS Rejects reduced by 20% Annual savings of more than $1 million Sauder Woodworking: Reducing Lamination Rejects [...]


Capstone Turbine Corporation: Increasing Run Life

  CLIENT PROFILE Capstone Turbine Corporation Leading manufacturer of “clean-and-green” microturbine systems   CLIENT NEEDS Reduce failure rate of a critical control valve   BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS Control valve failures completely eliminated Expected control valve life increased to 25 years   [...]


Deluxe Corporation: Reducing Incorrect Orders

  CLIENT PROFILE Deluxe Corporation One of the largest check printers in North America   CLIENT NEEDS Reduce number of incorrect orders and improve customer satisfaction   BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS 40% decrease in number of incorrect orders   Deluxe Corporation: Reducing [...]


Verizon: Reducing Late Payments and Billing Inquiries

  CLIENT PROFILE Verizon Largest wireless communications service provider in the U.S.   CLIENT NEEDS Reduce number of overdue bills and unnecessary billing inquiries   BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS 22% decrease in late payments 9% decrease in billing inquiries Increased annual profit [...]


AT&T: Reducing Length of Billing Process

  CLIENT PROFILE AT&T Multinational telecommunications company Headquartered in Dallas, TX   CLIENT NEEDS Reduce time to print, enclose, and mail customer bills   BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS 60% decrease in key time measures $10 million in annual savings   AT&T: Reducing [...]

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