QualPro’s MVT® Process is different. While other methods rely strictly on historical data or guesswork, the MVT Process uses advanced statistical techniques to accurately eliminate harmful or irrelevant ideas. Additionally, while traditional methods might only test one or two ideas at a time, MVT can handle several dozen ideas simultaneously, and it produces accurate results in months, not years. With the MVT Process, you can be sure you’re only implementing the best actions to improve your business results. Want to learn more? Consider investing in Dr. Charles Holland’s guide to using MVT, Breakthrough Business Results with MVT®. As QualPro’s founder and a protégé of Dr. Deming, Dr. Holland possesses years of practical MVT experience, which he shares through real-world examples and concrete advice. This book will walk you through the 12 stages of the MVT Process step by step, acquainting you with a set of statistical tools that can change the way you do business.